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PsychOnline Includes

1. HIPAA-compliant, web-based EMR that offers:

  • Customized intake forms
  • Easy BAA provided as per requirements
  • Zero-install video conferencing software for you and your patients
  • E-Prescriptions including EPCS
  • Online scheduling including option for patients to self-schedule appointments with you
  • Secure online payment processing
  • Secure client communications
  • Template-based evaluations

    2. Tailored telemedicine programs for:

  • Employers
  • Mental health clinics
  • Youth centers
  • Crisis centers
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Correctional facilities
  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nurse practitioners

Our Mission

We enable mental health caregivers to deliver efficient, high-quality care by providing innovative tools that expand patient interaction, tracking and treatment.

Our Live Sessions

PSYCHONLINE IS PROUD TO PRESENT Arresting and Reversing Cognitive Decline (Session 3) WITH David Larsen

About David....
  • David R. Larsen, MFHD has been a Master Trainer for the Alzheimer's Association and a post-grad Dementia Prevention Continuing Education Instructor for healthcare professionals nationally.
  • He currently works as a Brain Optimization Specialist for a clinic specializing in reversing cognitive decline.
  • 12 critical factors in assessing cognitive decline
  • Common medication that may impair cognition, along with safer alternatives
  • 10 vital recommendations in reversing memory decline.
  • How to simplify the process of assisting those with cognitive impairment
Join us in this exciting and relevant discussion!!

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