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Find Local Mental Health Practitioners

Connect with board-certified mental health practitioners licensed to practice in your state

Online Payments

Every transaction is done through a completely secure online payment gateway

Zero Installation Video Consulting

Convenient online video sessions without the need to download or install any software; works well on both MAC and Windows computers

Simplified In-take Form

Robust yet simple, patient-friendly intake forms

Calendar Based Scheduling

Set up appointments with qualified professionals on the date and time of your choice

Consult Anywhere

No need to travel long distances or wait for hours in a doctors office. Access mental health care anytime, anywhere

About PsychOnline

PsychOnline was originally conceptualized by Dr. Humberto Quintana (Columbia University Psychiatrist). Unfortunately, he passed away from lung cancer shortly after beginning development of the platform. The other members, Nirav, Alpita and Scott took the dream forward of making healthcare easily accessible to patients directly through a web platform and make it easy for providers to offer their services online. With the help of a strong team of psychiatrists on the Board of Directors, PsychOnline provides EMR, e-prescribing, online payments, automatic scheduling, video conferencing and many more features.

Create innovative solutions that connect patients and providers to promote outstanding healthcare for all.

PsychOnline was developed with input from many mental healthcare professionals. PsychOnline provides all the tools needed to schedule and perform online patient sessions. See the features list below.

  • Scheduling: PsychOnline provides patients to schedule an open slot/ available time on the provider’s calendar. Once the provider confirms the available time an email is sent as a confirmation to the patient. Once approved, the patient and provider can start the video session with each other.

  • Credit card payments: After the appointment is confirmed, the patient pays for the appointment before the session. Inturn, the provider is paid accordingly.
    During the provider signup, a confidential direct deposit form is provided to be filled. This allows PsychOnline to pay the provider as per their prefered payment method.

  • E-prescribing: PsychOnline has been certified by SureScripts for e-prescribing. No controlled substances are allowed to be prescribed online at this time.

  • EMR: Electronic Medical Records. During the video conferencing session, providers can open the EMR and input notes rightaway and E-prescribe while having a session with the patient. This would eliminate the use of paper and make the process more efficient.

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Well Experienced Doctors

Dr. Caroline Little Cribari

Dr. Mark Hinton

Dr. Lucia Cheng

Dr. Gill

Dr. Xu, Huiping

Dr. Chioma Ekechukwu

Dr Andrew Dror Rosenbach

Dr. Christina Antoine

Dr. Peter Lloyd Forster

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